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  • Accepted Payment Methods

    We accept Paypal / Credit Card / Bank Transfer / Western Union / MoneyGram

    payment system supports Mastercard, Visa, Discover, eCheck and so on

    Credit Card without registered Paypal account, just choose Paypal payment firstly, then in the checkout page choose do not have a Paypal account, there just input your Credit Card information

    Bank Transfer to our Hong Kong Bank Account

    Western Union to us quickly and directly

    MoneyGram to us quickly and directly

    Erisin aims at providing safe delivery of our goods and excellent services to our customers, We have our own mission, to ensure quick and efficient delivery service. In order to be more clear and fast to process your order, we would like our customers to write down the Order number in the payment description. Please note that your order would not be shipped until the payment is completely booked in. Please contact your bank for details.

    You can choose various currency to pay in order to avoid exchange fee, just click on the button at the right side of price [ GBP EUR AUD USD CAD ]

    Thanks for your cooperation.

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